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    Dodge 2500

    On the side of the injectors there is a star bit head bolt turn int three clicks to the left
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    Bonjour a tous

    Speak English !!!
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    My new rock crawler

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    What are my options?

    I have a Dana 60 for sale $600
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    E maxx

    There having a rc crawler compotition at howiepaluza this year
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    E maxx

    I'm looking for a cheep tube chassy
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    E maxx

    Just finished my e maxx any suggestens
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    For Sale: Dana 60

    My dad has a Dana 60 out of a ford it is ball joint not king pin the wants $650 for it if interested text me at 3660896 I will post pics later
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    New trail

    This is the new trail at smorr it has a 15 foot 80 degee angle ledge nobody has made it up yet and I failed to make it up its called tombstone it's a 5+
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    New to forum

    I have wanted to go to king of the hammers so bad I just don't have the time
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    New guy from CO

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    Name is Dallas I'm 15 joined site last week I have a 77 jimmy with a 350 it not finished jet but it will be soon I go to smorr I reall good friends with Brandon if ur ever there and looking for some one to wheel with just ask for me I know the trails from the top of my head
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    Jeep Girl from Albuquerque NM

    I like it and welcome to the site
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    King of the Hammers 2010

    Hey woody text my cell phone my number is 366-0896 we can keep in touch with the big events going on at our local off road parks and stuff like that
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    Tube doors

    Is that a jimmy
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    Dip in the river

    Lmfao I like it
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    Fun pics

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    Let me know if u do I might get away from helping Brandon and we can go wheeling I know the park from the top of my head
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    My b-day pics

    Ya it's the best park I have ever been to they have clean bathrooms and hot water heated bathrooms
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    My new nissan

    Who's the girl lol
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    My b-day pics

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    Smorr pics

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    6 seat buggy?

    No I rock crawl at smorr and we do wild stuff long wheel base is good just don't go over 130 wheel base thing that's to long
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    Howiepaluza at smorr last weekend of April can't wait
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