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  1. 435JRW

    West Rim Dec 2017

    Some photos of our West Rim trail from 2017 South West Adventure Group
  2. 435JRW

    Beer Thread

    Lets start a beer thread. What do you drink? What type of beer do you prefer? Etc. Etc. When I go to buy beer I try to buy one that I know I like and one or two that I have not tried. I like Stouts, and dark Ale beers mostly. My least favorite beers are IPAs. Tried this one yesterday. It...
  3. 435JRW

    Added a new XJ to the fleet...

    This is my 4th XJ... Just can't seem to break away from them. lol Picked it up to have something to take out until I finish my YJ (which may be like 2025 at this point lol) It has some goodies already done including bumpers, Metal Cloak lift, SYE and some other stuff. I'm not planning to toss...
  4. 435JRW

    Trail Hero Lasernut Rock Race 2017

    Here are a few of the shots I got from the Lasernut Rock Race during Trail Hero. The race was an awesome heated race between some awesome racers! Cody in his Lasernut car was leading the race but was forced to pull out due to a broken axle shaft, that left Randy in his Bomber car to take the...
  5. 435JRW

    2017 Trail Hero Trail Breaker!

    Here are some photos from the 2017 Trail Hero Trail Breaker event! As Rich mentioned this year was going to be tough and it was! This years Trail Hero event was awesome! Rich and his team did an amazing job! Next up Fury Rode! I have some more Trail Breaker photos, I'll get them up soon. I...
  6. 435JRW

    Trail Hero Crawler hauler

    So I have been working on opening a 4x4 shop in Cedar City Utah called Southern Utah 4x4 and I am happy to say one of our first projects in the shop is Trail Hero's semi we are building a flat bed on. We are building it from 2x3 .120 square tube and 1/4" thick angle iron. The bed will be low...
  7. 435JRW

    Rockstar MT tires

    Rockstar MT tires... :rolleyes: So I wasn't planning to write a review on these but I feel that these need one. A little back history, I bought a used 2014 F150 last year and the dealer I bought it from threw some new tires and wheels on it. When I bought the truck they were literally brand new...
  8. 435JRW

    Ghost towns

    Besides wheeling I enjoy quite a few other things camping, fishing, the norm... I also love to explore and photograph old ghost towns. I figured I post up some photos and see who else has some to share. These first ones are from 9 Mile Canyon just outside of Price, Ut. Its know for having over...
  9. 435JRW

    West Rim Trail (Sand Hollow, Utah)

    One of my first adventures to Sandhollow was to West Rim, I had only heard about it and was told it was an easier more scenic trail and thats what I was looking for since I was going at it alone. This was before I had started South West Adventure Group and a little after I moved to Hurricane, Ut.
  10. 435JRW

    Smithsonian Butte/GooseBerry Mesa (Southern Utah)

    Here are a few from exploring around Smithsonian Butte just passed Apple Valley, Utah. This was right after I bought a new camera so I had to get out and play with it a little.
  11. 435JRW

    Sleeping Princess Trail (Bullhead City AZ)

    These are from a trail called Sleeping Princess just outside on Bullhead City AZ are you're headed to Kingman. The trail is a fun and somewhat easy trail but has some pretty extreme optional routes along the way. The trail gets its name from a rock formation that looks like a sleeping princess...
  12. 435JRW

    American Fork Canyon (Forest Lake Trail)

    Going through some older photos and figured I would share some wheeling pics. This is in my old XJ wheeling up American Fork Canyon, Utah. This is headed up the Forest Lake Trail. We did a camping/wheeling trip with my little girl and my nephew. Not a hard trail but its fairly rocky in some areas.
  13. 435JRW

    2 post lift input

    Well I am starting to shop around for a 2 post lift. Just wondering if anyone has any input on them. I have used BendPak and Challenger in the past. I am seeing that Auto Lift has some good prices, I just don't know the quality of them. I am a you get what you pay for kinda guy. Thoughts?
  14. 435JRW

    Krazy Beaver Tools Trail Shovel

    I recently purchased a Krazy Beaver Tools Shovel and wanted to share my thoughts on it. At first when I seen these shovels I said that would be great for when I'm out wheeling and get stuck! Well I have yet to get stuck while out wheeling, however I have used the heck out of this shovel. I...
  15. 435JRW

    Build Thread Never ending YJ project

    Hey everyone I wanted to share my build thread with you all. The idea behind this build besides taking it out wheeling of course is to build me a decent rig to get me around and some of the off road events that I cover. Having a decent rig to get around will help me get to places more easily as...
  16. 435JRW

    Trail Hero Photos

    I have a bunch of Trail Hero photos that I have been meaning to post.
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