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    Build Thread #SteerAndStuff Buggy

    man that looks clean and well laid out!!
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    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Any idea what it weighs as pictured?
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    Build Thread S&N Re-Build

    Looks great!! I've been wondering how this was coming.
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    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Looking great!! What is FRP?
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    Nylon brake lines

    Most of the guys I wheel with used them and have had no issues. I used them on my last buggy with zero issues. It used 3/4 and 1/2 ton calipers with willwood 3/4 master cylinders. My brakes sucked so i'm assuming the pressure was "low" for a braking system. I routed them carefully and even...
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    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Great work. I'm enjoying watching your build. What's the plan on pulling the Trans when needed? Tube Clamps on the whole dash section?
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    Build Thread The Search for the Perfect Trail Buggy

    That hood looks cool as shit on there!! On the heat exchanger. I'm guessing it will go in line on the cool side headed back up front to the engine?
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    Greetings from Cajun Country

    Been wheeling since 1999. started with a TJ on 33's. Sold my last tube buggy back in 2013. Did the Hot rod thing for a while with the kids. Got divorced. Picked up a cheap Toyota Truggie a little over a year ago. The truggie was only supposed to hold me over till I built a new tube...
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    Build Thread Formula Toy build

    Very cool build. Do you still have it or was it sold to build the JHF car?
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    Build Thread The Search for the Perfect Trail Buggy

    I noticed that when you got the chassis from Jessie the welds are visible on the jointed front "hood" bars if you will. Can you detail the process of grinding and buffing those to the finish shown in post number 4? Visible welds from post 14 on. The line in the "corner" were they meet is so...
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