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  1. lgrt

    Looking for a club in WY

    Welcome... Hope you find a good crew to wheel with.
  2. lgrt


    Welcome Carl
  3. lgrt

    BlueRibbon Coalition Yellowstone Park In Winter, A National & International Destination

    One of my bucket list items... explore Yellowstone in the winter. Was this a day trip or overnight?
  4. lgrt

    New from Long Island

    Welcome... Hope to see your progress on this build.
  5. lgrt


    Welcome... GREAT tag "The adventure starts when things stop going as planned."
  6. lgrt

    Hello from mid south Tennessee

    Welcome... How far are you thinking you'll take it?
  7. lgrt

    Hello from WV

    Welcome... looking forward to hearing more about your build ideas.
  8. lgrt

    Hello from WI

    Welcome... don't worry he's all bark and then leafs :-)
  9. lgrt

    Hey Im New Here

    Welcome... go ahead stir up things a little.
  10. lgrt

    24' Aluminum trailer

    A trailer thread... from YOU. Really!!??? Oh the humanity of it all. 38,000 miles has to take it's toll... at least you're not shipping the rig to events and flying in.
  11. lgrt

    5.5" shackles......

    like to see how the hoops turn out...
  12. lgrt

    New to this site.

    Welcome... always a sucker for those old scouts... looks great.
  13. lgrt

    New Yota Member

    Welcome... let us know how she performs on the trails when you get her broken in
  14. lgrt

    new guy from midd tennesee!

    welcome and good luck getting the right rig
  15. lgrt

    Shout Out From Vermont

    nice 40... looks like a great project.
  16. lgrt

    Hello World

    Thanks for the umm... warm welcome Woody :-)
  17. lgrt

    Hello World

    Howdy All, thought it was time to stop creeping and join in.
  18. lgrt

    Rockcrawler's Own Spotting

    Moderated??!! what's up?
  19. lgrt

    Rockcrawler's Own Spotting

    You can't get a better spotter for Little Sluice on the Rubicon Trail...
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