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  1. Lil Rich

    Build Thread The Search for the Perfect Trail Buggy

    What does it take to build/design/find the perfect trail buggy or vehicle? This is a question that I not only get asked, but also ask myself. I have been wheeling for most of my life, and when I say that, I actually mean it. I got in my first roll over at 2 years old on the Rubicon and I have...
  2. Lil Rich

    Finding the best drivers... Are you the one? All-Pro Trail Breaker

    It's that time again... We are gearing up to find the next All-Pro Trail Breaker. On October 4th at Sand Hollow in Hurricane, Utah, 12 drivers will once again attempt to conquer the newest and toughest trail in the U.S. If you are unfamiliar with what a real All-Pro Trail Breaker is, here is the...
  3. Lil Rich

    VOTE NOW! For the next All-Pro Trail Breaker!

    Our goal with the All-Pro Trail Breaker is to find the next hidden talent when it comes to driving the toughest terrain in the world. Last year we found some hidden gems in Jeff McKinlay (Winner of the 1st Trail Breaker) and Cary Gleason (Took 5th Place). Cary was voted in via the public...
  4. Lil Rich

    Funnest thing you did at an Event... Besides Wheeling

    What is it? I used to love going to Hump and Bump in Moab during EJS... Hanging out at the Pond at Rubicon Springs during Jeepers Jamboree What are some things you have found at events that were fun?
  5. Lil Rich

    All Pro Off Road Trail Breaker, April 11th @ AREA BFE

    We are proud to announce the addition of a stand alone Trail Breaker's event in Moab, Utah on April 11th at Area BFE. This will be open to spectators, although there is a donation can at the front gate, the event can be spectated for free. We will take 10 drivers and place them into some of the...
  6. Lil Rich

    Build Thread Building An Ultimate Family/Trail Buggy

    So a prelude or sorts: I have always been a big fan of Twisted Customs' vehicles. Having bee in the sport of Rock Crawling since it's inception (Competition Wise), I have seen build trends/builders come and go. The simplicity of rigs like what Twisted Customs, Jesse Haines, and Jimmy's 4x4...
  7. Lil Rich

    Trail Hero 2017 Schedule of Events

    Here is our 2017 schedule of events. If you would like to be involved, post up here or email us at
  8. Lil Rich

    Wheeler Christmas Party

    Do you or any clubs that you hang with hold a Wheeler type Christmas party? For instance, I used to hang out with the pirates of the Rubicon quite a bit and they always had a pretty fun Christmas party. Everyone would bring a dish, they had a pretty cool gift exchange game where you could steal...
  9. Lil Rich

    New Hauler - '97 FL120 w/450HP

    So I just picked up this beaut for $7,000. Comes from a friend with great service records, Brand New Michelin tires all around, and an idea of what I could use it for. I did not get the trailer. The plan is to Flat bed the rear frame large enough to barely get a rig on the back (In case it is a...
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