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    Switching to Military Tires

    I've looked all over the net for reviews and they haven't been too great. The best part is always the price. However, I haven't found much info on the new BFG Baja's or the new Goodyear MT/R's. I drive an '85 4Runner with a turbo'd and intercooled 3L diesel with 35's. I was running 4.88's...
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    Dec 7, 2013 - Toys for Tots, Badlands Offroad Park, Attica, IN

    Hey, this is late notice, but we need a good turnout. "Come to our annual Toys for Tots event. Donate a $10.00 plus toy at the gate and pay only a $10.00 entry fee. Be one of the first 500 and enjoy a free delicious meal compliments of 4 Wheels To Freedom. Their traditional hog roast is not to...
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