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  1. MNorby

    Mini trailer build

    Have posted this on Pirate but will share here. Had a 18' 10k nice car hauler style trailer but it weighed 2800lbs alone with a 23" deck height. As I really only ever use the trailer for the rig I decided to build a smaller dedicated trailer. First I wanted it as low as possible and no wider...
  2. MNorby

    Build Thread Ibex remodeled

    Here is my latest build on my original 2 seat Goat Built Ibex based buggy. I built the rig in 2013/2014 and have wheeled it 3 years but with the addition of a little on decided to add a back seat. Here is the rig from before:
  3. MNorby

    Hello from Wyoming

    Checking out the forum here. Been a long time user of PBB, CK5, and the original ORC. Enjoy checking out guys builds and tech and other forums are starting to dwindle. Currently have an Ibex chassied rig that I am currently rebuilding into a 4 seater.
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