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  1. icrawl83

    Saving a toyota

    A couple pics of my old Toyota when I patched the frame and installed new shock mounts.
  2. icrawl83

    Yota problems

    Well the 3.0 is got a lil knock to her and its time to make a decision, rebuild,remanufactured,or swap a used 3.0 or 3.4 . I am on a very tight budget but need a reliable truck for a long time. the 3.0 dosent have much power but im not to worried about that. Could possibly gain a few HP with a...
  3. icrawl83

    3.slo swap to 3.4

    Im looking at doing a 3.4 swap into my 92 pickup. I have found a guy with a 3.4 out of a 96 t100 but the block is supposedly cracked. I know thats not to common for that motor but its possible. He is wanting 150 for the motor its already pulled out of the truck and everything. Any suggestions on...
  4. icrawl83

    22r not getting spark

    I have a 83 Toyota with a 22r I changed the plugs and wires and noticed the previous owner has cross threaded the #1 spark plug into the head. it had about two threads left so I installed the plug to see what would happen and it blew the spark plug out of the engine. I put in a heli coil and new...
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