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  1. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Yep, decided to bite the bullet and go all in the first time....t-case drop won't necessitate a difference in seat height, I'll set both sides equally. (my wife wants to drive it, so I need a comfy shotgun spot!) Lined up motor/trans position last night, mocking up mounts today.
  2. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    With the seat ~7" off the bellypan (IE: super low), I have plenty of headroom. Need to put a tape on it to check however, but with my Axel helmet on, my fat fist clears the cage :)
  3. woody

    Hello from Southern CO

    I still love that rig!!!
  4. woody

    The Search for the Perfect Trail Buggy

    Love the history 🙂 So much done, just wait until your old like me....hahhahaa
  5. woody

    New to the forum.

    I already regret selling the FToy....ah well
  6. woody

    2020 Rock Lizard from Nebraska!

    The Rock Lizards look so simple and fun...great setup 👍🏽
  7. woody

    Hello from Colorado

    Buggies are an addiction!! But, you alsomost need to keep a variety of rigs for different trails... (Good excuse....haha)
  8. woody

    New to the forum.

    Welcome! Love the Toyota builds, always a weak spot 😉
  9. woody

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Looks fun!! You need to make a trip to Sand Hollow 👍🏽👍🏼
  10. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    These are direct from JHF. Welded only.
  11. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Wheelbase check: set at 112" right now.
  12. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    D70 disassembled, retube pending for the knuckles...and mocking up the 16" Radflo airs (zip tie skills)
  13. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    This is the 1st one 👍🏼
  14. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Few more hours and it'll be ready to wheel....
  15. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    eyeball clearances: t-case to bellypan: 3/4" rear of trans pan to bellypan: 1/2" converter to front belly tube: 3/4" With the seat on the test-fit cross bars, it's 1" off the top of the flipped D300 alum cover. Headroom is more than a fist (no helmet yet) Cozy, but perfect :)
  16. woody

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Jesse Haines Fabrication has released a new JHF Trail series chassis. This is one of the first production units. Plans are 3800 L67 supercharged engine 700r trans, full manual valve body D300 Behemoth transfer case 4:1 '05+ Superduty D60 front JHF portal Toyota 8" steer axle, passenger drop...
  17. woody

    Forum upgrade: XF 2.2

    Upgraded to the latest/greatest this afternoon...still some tweaks and adjustments to be made, but the basics are in place.
  18. woody

    Sandy Hollow

    I've made the trip from WI to UT dozens of times....and never slow down :)
  19. woody

    Greetings from Temecula CA

    Ooohhhh .....that's gonna be cool! Love those vintage Willy's pickups! Welcome!
  20. woody

    Best Tires for Rock Crawling

    Your NorCal terrain is pretty forgiving when it comes to tread patterns/compound. Nitto's are known for longevity, which usually also means they are less-sticky for offroad use. Just depends on what you expect from a set of tires. Personally, I have a "tire habit" and love trying new/different...
  21. woody

    Vernal Rock Rally

    Last batch
  22. woody

    Vernal Rock Rally

    And, more...
  23. woody

    Vernal Rock Rally

    More from RM West
  24. woody

    Vernal Rock Rally

    Red Mountain West ride, very scenic with some good challenges.
  25. woody

    Vernal Rock Rally

    And a few more, including the cave....very cool spot!
  26. woody

    Vernal Rock Rally

    Day 1, Docs Beach, rated 7....lots of long steep climbs, and a few tight spots. Big group made for slow moving, too many photo ops 😉
  27. woody

    Vernal Rock Rally

    I'm headed out Thursday morning, can't wait :) Changed my plans however and am bringing the wagon, so no #buggythings this trip. Planning to get a few MTB miles in as well ;)
  28. woody

    Ash Creek

    Make it a night run, or you'll boil before you The new Anderson Junction reservoir project will necessitate closing the trail, so get on it while you can!
  29. woody

    I'm Tim

    I feel like there should be a 10 step ;)
  30. woody

    Noob crawler guy

    Welcome :) What trails are you hitting in CO? I've explored a bunch of the Ouray/Silverton area, but need to spend more time in the rest of the state.
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