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  1. ontherun

    For Sale: PRO BUILT OFFROAD MACHINE! Charleston SC

    you haven't posted a price....the thing is there are ALOT of nice rigs out for sale right now, if you surf the forums you will see, it could just be a timeing problem... hope you sell
  2. ontherun

    Hey i'm new to the world of wheeling, so i need some advice on a cheap buildup

    Should be d44 , good looking old steel, Woody's right plowing puts stress on the whole truck, it will be a fine rig when your done...L
  3. ontherun


    Thanks for that Del, I've seen some ugly things on the trail and spoke up about it. Went to our best wheeling spot and carried out 4 bags of sombody elses trash and glad to do it, but it shouldn't happen. we need to keep our sport alive. It's my and my wifes lifetime hobby.....Landis
  4. ontherun

    Hey from Texas

    Man, I've been a member of that forum forever, funny..I'm ontherun there also.....L
  5. ontherun

    Hey from Texas

    I don't know, I,m on call 24/7 with the Railroad, I might find time, just can't make plans........L
  6. ontherun

    Hey from Texas

    Love Clayton,....
  7. ontherun

    Hey from Texas

    Las Cruces New Mexico.......good times..
  8. ontherun

    Hey from Texas

    Thanks, should be done in about 5 months, It's a Bronco Alley chassis, dana 60s,arb chromos. front and rear, 35 spline. Atlas 4.3, 95 5.0 cobra, C4, 43 SX2s.............same set up as my last Crawler..we had a 69 cruiser, miss that one...Pic
  9. ontherun

    Hey from Texas

    Landis here, wife and I have been in the wheeling thing for about 17 years now, currently building a tube crawler. from San Antonio.....
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