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  1. Snakeob

    Penrose co independence trail

    We have a small group headed down April 20, would like to meet some new people. Anybody interested post it up!
  2. Snakeob

    ckp 99 24v Cummins problem

    Ive had to replace my ckp 3 times on my dodge three times in a lil over a year, anyone know what may be causing this repeated problem
  3. Snakeob

    New to forum

    Hello, from northern CO, Im a 4x4 mechanic at 4x4 Offroad in Fort Collins, I have an 83 Toyota on 37in reds with lots of mods, i love to wheel the hardest trails i can find. Big trip comming up in may to South Dakota, anybody familiar with Kaptian Krunch?
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