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  1. 1tfrot

    Hello from Flagstaff AZ

    hey from QC!!! :)
  2. 1tfrot

    Another new guy from Flagstaff, AZ

    sup neighbor!
  3. 1tfrot

    Off-road extra light

    definitely some rock lights. and then I still have a light behind the grill (for headlights) and then (2) 20" single row bars above the windshield. here's without any light bars. I'm not a big fan of night wheelin, but just in case we go out for a rescue or an easy run.....
  4. 1tfrot

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    looks great. I'm really liking the lines of these chassis'
  5. 1tfrot

    Build Thread The Search for the Perfect Trail Buggy

    usually people refer to track width as sidewall to sidewall. then you also have wms-wms (wheel mount surface to wheel mount surface) which usually used for just axle width
  6. 1tfrot

    Build Thread The Search for the Perfect Trail Buggy

    maybe I missed it, but can the trans/t-case come out the bottom? it's a pita to bring them out the top through a "window" after taking the interior out
  7. 1tfrot

    Build Thread The Search for the Perfect Trail Buggy

    so about track width.........why not stay wider? are you finding a certain width is close to perfect for SH? I'm right at 89" and I think it's helped me more than hurt me. or are you trying to find that happy medium between comp and trail riding? just curious :cool:
  8. 1tfrot

    buggy hauler

    @Lil Rich , thanks!!! I personally love them! I hated taking them out, putting them away and worrying strapping them down. now it's a fast simple solution to load/unload. so glad I went this route. super easy operation. little disconnect pin that's welded on so the arm slips over the...
  9. 1tfrot

    newb from AZ!!!!

    lol. let's do some wheelin!! I personally feel they work great. not as good as a red, but better sidewalls. holds lines better and crawls better than the SX, but not as strong a sidewall. so probably very comparable to a trep, but slightly better sidewall and a little softer imo
  10. 1tfrot

    buggy hauler

    completely Rich Kleins fault, but thank you for making me think outside the box! '99 volvo with a big cummins. single sleeper (couch folds out). first big trip with it was trail hero '20 which was about 900 miles round trip. got 12.5! with twin 150 tanks fill ups won't happen too often...
  11. 1tfrot

    newb from AZ!!!!

    sup Woody (and everyone here) and thanks for the invite/suggestion from Rich. I got my M&M Offroad buggy 5 years ago now (while living in IL) and wheeled all over the midwest, SE and started wheelin out west. also did some racing in the midwest as well. we have now moved from IL to AZ and...
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