Here's a new pro mod build for Victor burness


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Alright so the idea with this build was to use the drivetrain and axles from vics 4600 koh jeep grand Cherokee. 4.0 inline 6 cyl, tf999 auto, and a 180 degree clocked Np 205 for driver drop.
Kingpin 60 up front, and 14 bolt in the rear.
We will be doing a swap to 4 link up front, swapping in full hydro, and adding 4 wheel cutting brakes.
Wheel base will be 108 due to the drivetrain being 72 inches long :(
39 inch bfgs. And a vw hood!
Here's some pictures.....







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I had my employee gut the old jeep and help me put the drivetrain on my build table.
I started building at 3pm I called it a night at 1am
Today I worked on it from 10 am to 7 pm.
By tomorrow it will be a roller.
And we should have the new 39 inch bfgs ready to bolt on


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Comes together quickly once you get going :)

I assume part of the goal is reusing as much of the old rig parts as possible?