• Self-priming, gravity fed electric fuel pumps feature low amperage draw at maximum fuel delivery
  • Integrated fuel filter and solid state electronics design provides durability and extents fuel pump life
  • Compatible with all carbureted engines and 12-volt negative ground electrical systems
  • Four different fuel pumps engineered for domestic, import, gasoline/ethanol/methanol/E85 and diesel applications

Mr.-Gasket-12E-Micro-Electric-Ethanol-Fuel-Pump-High-Res-1.jpgCLEVELAND (March 31, 2015) – Performance automotive manufacturing company, Mr. Gasket, has introduced a line of Micro Electric Fuel Pumps for a wide range of import and domestic gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol and E85 fuel applications. These electric fuel pumps provide auxiliary fuel flow for carbureted engines, helping to combat vapor lock by providing consistent and reliable fuel delivery.

Each Micro Electric Fuel Pump is a self-priming gravity fed pump, featuring a low amperage draw design with solid state electronics that’s lightweight and ideal for providing fuel delivery in carbureted street cars and trucks, as well as transferring fuel between auxiliary tanks in trucks and commercial usage.

Available with flow rates of 28 gallons per hour at 2-3.5 PSI for import gasoline applications, and 35 gallons per hour at 4-7 PSI for domestic, gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol and E85 engine applications, every Mr. Gasket fuel pump is universally compatible with all carbureted, 12-volt negative ground electrical systems. Each Mr. Gasket Micro Electric Fuel Pump comes complete with a fuel filter along with all necessary fittings and hardware. Installation can be accomplished with just simple hand tools.

Mr. Gasket Micro Electric Fuel Pumps are available from $50.95 at retailers nationwide and online. For more information on Mr. Gasket’s fuel pumps, or the company’s complete line of products, visit

12SMicro Electric Fuel Pump(Domestic Applications – Gasoline Only)4-7psi, 35 GPH, 12v Negative Ground Electrical Systems, Not For Use With Fuel Injection Fuel Systems
42SMicro Electric Fuel Pump(Import Applications – Gasoline Only)2-3.5psi, 28 GPH, 12v Negative Ground Electrical Systems, Not For Use With Fuel Injection Fuel Systems
12EMicro Electric Fuel Pump (Ethanol/Methanol/E85 Only)4-7psi, 35 GPH, 12v Negative Ground Electrical Systems, Not For Use With Fuel Injection Fuel Systems
12DMicro Electric Fuel Pump(Diesel Only)4-7psi, 35 GPH, 12v Negative Ground Electrical Systems, Not For Use With Fuel Injection Fuel Systems

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MSDP, headquartered in El Paso, Texas, operates in the street enthusiast, professional racer and powersports markets, where they maintain industry-leading market share positions across all of their product categories under widely known and respected brands:

· MSD® – The highest performing fuel and ignition products in the industry, MSD offers a wide variety of components for fuel and ignition systems including, programmable ignition controls, coils, distributors, ignition wires and complete electronic fuel injection systems.

· Racepak® – A leading line of data loggers, displays, sensors, cables and modules for data monitoring and acquisition in race vehicles across a wide range of motorsports.

· Superchips® – A forerunner in performance tuning of computer controlled vehicles, Superchips offers high performance power programmers for a wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

· Edge® – A leader in performance truck tuning, Edge provides tuning modules, gauges and monitors for gasoline and diesel powered trucks and SUVs.

· ACCEL® – A line of high performance ignition systems and components including digital fuel injection systems, fuel injectors, coils, distributors, caps, rotors, ignition wires and spark plugs.

· Mr. Gasket® – A legendary name in performance auto parts, Mr. Gasket provides a variety of racing products including engine components, Ultra-Seal gaskets, fasteners, fuel accessories, chrome-plated accessories, chemicals and more.

· Hays® – Known for performance clutches and flywheels, Hays offers a wide range of high-performance clutches for street and track racing.

· Lakewood® – Safety and suspension products including SFI approved bellhousings and various racing products.

· QuickTime® – Leading manufacturer and supplier of lightweight bellhousings and flexplates for the racing industry.

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