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Aug 18, 2015

I was lucky enough to be invited to get behind the wheel of the all-new Polaris GENERAL last week in New Mexico. Here are some of my thoughts on this new rec-utility UTV:

- Suspension - Borrowing the suspension from the RZR S 900/1000 was a smart move. It works well and the common parts mean more aftermarket products will be available (shocks, arms, etc.). FOX Podium 2.0 shocks available on Deluxe model.
- Engine / Drivetrain - Proven engine with good power and torque. Common engine, axles and clutch mean more aftermarket options. Engine placement behind the cab keeps noise down as well.
- Cab - Great seats and seat position. Good size for cab; enough to make it comfortable (elbow room) but small enough to be nimble.
- Bed - Properly sized bed for the intended purpose. Enough for hunting, camping or working around the ranch, but not so big that it makes the overall size of the vehicle larger than it needs to be.
- Doors - Half doors work great and cover enough to keep you protected from water/mud coming up from the front tires.
- Instrument Cluster - Well positioned to make it visible regardless of steering wheel tilt.


- No Turf Mode - Although no other competitors in the rec-utility segment offer turf mode, I think it is an important feature that not only protects your lawn, but also allows you to turn sharper. The ideal scenario is to have turf mode (rear differential locker) selector separate from 2WD/4WD switch.
- Tire Size - What can I say? I like to put big tires on my cars for better performance while rock crawling and more ground clearance in the desert, and I am not sure a 30-inch tire will fit. Most likely a 29-inch is as large as we can expect without interference or modification. I can also see a Polaris GENERAL High Lifter Edition as a future model because mud guys will eat this vehicle up.

Overall I believe the GENERAL actually fills a hole in the Polaris side x side lineup that I didn't realize existed until now. After spending the day behind the wheel and really looking into the market, I truly believe that Polaris has not just added another vehicle to fill a void, they have created a vehicle that will dominate this market segment. Competitors may have similar power, suspension or comfort, but none do it all like the GENERAL.

More details and pics: Polaris GENERAL Review
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