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Apr 19, 2021
Hello. Checking in from the northeast. Weekend warrior rec wheeler and once a yr we do a local club comp crawl event at Rausch Creek. Have wheeled a stretched TJ, locked, 4to1 for many years. Recently stepped up my game and bought a YJ that a friend built. Front/rear stretched 110" wb, 3/4link, KP60/14B, Atlas, King, PSC, 39 reds, caged, etc, etc.

Mainly here to read, learn, ask questions. We have a great and very knowledgeable group of guys we wheel with regularly all on big tires/axles and built and we'll be out to Trail Hero 2021 this yr. So if you see a bunch of NY/NJ plates on some rigs at the event be sure and say hello!(we are easily recognizable with all of our NE tree dents)




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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
Rausch was always a good time, but I haven't been back there in 10ish years.

Awesome that you are making the trip out to Trail will become a yearly addiction ;)
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