Tips and Tricks....


eternal noobie
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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
First off, Preferences...mostly, looking at the Alert system....

Personally, I have Push Notifications enabled (desktop AND mobile)....and have "Alert" and "Push" checked for everything BUT all the Reacts....those are just set to "Alert". No need to get a Push notification everytime someone likes your posts. I don't do any email notifications, but just rely on the Alert and Push settings.


Then, there's the "WATCH" system as a whole....this is how you get those Alerts and Push Notifications. When you are viewing any of the Forums, you will see a few buttons next to your User images (on desktop) of those is the Watch button. This is how you get Alerts regarding new content in an individual forum.

Similarly, there is a WATCH option for individual threads. You can check the "Watch this thread..." when you create, or you can select the "Watch" option when reading a thread and you want to keep up with new updates.