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RockCrawler.com Trick-Tools JMR TN1000 Tubing Notcher – New Design

Discussion in 'Offroad News' started by RockCrawler.com, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Nov 29, 2013
    Trick-Tools-JMR-TN1000-Tubing-Notcher.jpg The TN1000 tubing notcher from JMR incorporates the same high quality features that JMR is known for and now has a new design! The TN1000 features a 2 ½” O.D. capacity, a positive zero point for a perfectly centered notch, and is capable of notching in a 210 degree arc, perfect for building roll cages and even custom cars. Angle changes can be made effortlessly due to a thrust bearing at the pivot point and offset copes can be performed with ease. The new design has been engineered to perform offset notches without the use of a shim kit! Just loosen the two allen bolts on the bottom of the shaft housing, raise housing to a desired height (up to 1 inch), and start notching!

    The TN1000 remains as one of the most versatile hole saw notchers on the market today. With its high capacity, quality components, and its simple design, this is a must have tool for any fab shop!

    For more information about this tool, and many others, visit www.trick-tools.com or call our toll free line at 1-877-826-7268.

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