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Neat Stuff From All Things Jeep

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

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All Things JeepI got an early Christmas present this year from the gang at All Things Jeep. As someone who spends their days and nights around Jeeps and Jeep stuff, I was particular excited when Norman and Jean Wnuk asked me to have a look at their web site and some of their goodies they make and sell. So this particular present was a lot of fun to unwrap when it showed up.

The Wnuks are so in love with Jeeps that they have put together a whole product line of stuff revolving around Jeeps. We're not talking about replacement parts, suspensions, and things like that. No, we're talking the fun stuff! Stickers, t-shirts, toys, videos, tire covers, calendars and more!

Our package included a bunch of sample stickers, A rock-crawler t-shirt, a CJ-5 desktop silhouette, and my favorite - Jeep-shaped cookie cutters. They even sent me a cookie on a stick! We could never decorate our own cookies this nice but we'll give it a shot.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the Jeeper in your life, give All Things Jeep a visit. You'll surely find the perfect gift. Or, perhaps, it's just time to go get something for yourself!

Now that's Neat Stuff.

All Things Jeep
CJ-5 Silhouette. How cool is that?
All Things Jeep
mmmm Coookies. You won't find these anywhere else.
All Things Jeep
Rock-Crawler T-Shirt Back.
All Things Jeep
Just a very small sample of bumper stickers available.


All Things Jeep
12 Easterbrook Rd.
Lunenburg, MA 01462
Phone: (978) 582-7735
Email: info@allthingsjeep.com


Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn is the Editor and founder of Rockcrawler.com. Mike already has entirely too much Jeep-related stuff on his desk but has managed to find a home for his CJ-5 silhouette. He has also been busy fighting off his dogs who have tried on several occasions to eat his Jeep cookie.

Contact Mike at comments@rockcrawler.com




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