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Neat Stuff From Griot's Garage

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

Griot's GarageGriot's Garage has been in business since 1990. Started by Richard Griot, Griot's Garage carries some of the neatest stuff around. One visit to www.griotsgarage.com and you'll see what we're talking about. Whether it be hard to find tools, stuff to wash and detail your rig for show-n-shine day, or accessories to organize your garage, Griot's probably has what you need. Another great reason to have a look at their goodies, is their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Griot's Garage promises to either repair any defective product, repair it, or refund your money - forever!

Griot's GarageOne thing I've always wanted in my garage was a convenient and easy way to store and dispense shop towels. Well, Griot's Garage came to the rescue with their wall-mounted towel dispenser (part #77597). Quite similar to the dispensers you might find in a public rest room, the dispenser holds a roll of 200 4-ply shop towels and has a chute made specifically for the blue towels they sell. It even has a key to lock it if you have mischievous rebels hanging around.

The dispenser is black and red (Griot's favorite color, apparently), made of plastic, and comes with the necessary hardware to mount it to your wall. Though it looks a bit like a gigantic fire truck strobe, it has become one of my favorite garage accessories. No longer do I have to get the whole roll of towels messy just to grab one with my greasy hands. Just give a towel a good, hard tug, and tear it off. The towels are 4-ply and are soft on one side and rougher on the other side, so you can use them for different tasks.

Griot's GarageThe dispenser with two rolls of towels runs $56.95. When you run out, refill rolls will run you $19.95 a pop (ten cents a sheet). The dispenser alone runs $24.95.

While we were on our cleaning mission, we also got a can of 3M General Purpose and Adhesive Cleaner (part #15900. The stuff comes in a metal can and can be used on most surfaces (always test first) to remove adhesive, tar, and other miscellaneous goop.

The can comes with a removable squirt tip for easy dispensing. The shop towels would be a perfect match to the remover, as you won't want to waste your good rags on this stinky stuff.

We tried it on dried on silicone and it wouldn't cut it, but we really didn't expect it to quite that powerful. But for general removal of the gooey stuff, the 3M cleaner should do great. Use it clean up bugs, tar, your workbench counter-tops, and even cutting wheels. A 32 ounce can runs $14.95.

Now that's neat stuff!


Griot's Garage
3500-A 20th St. E.
Tacoma, WA 98424
(800) 345-5789



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