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Hidden Hitch Electrical Adapter

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

Hidden HitchHere's a really simple but useful accessory from Hidden Hitch. Hidden Hitch has long been one of the leaders in quality hitches for just about every vehicle on the market. Never sitting back and resting, the folks at Hidden Hitch keep coming up with neat stuff for you to use.

Let's take a quick look at their new Electrical Adapter. Have you ever wished you had a power port in the rear of your truck? If you have a fancy new SUV like a Chevy Tahoe or Jeep Liberty, then the manufacturers already hooked you up. But what if you don't?

Most of the newer SUVs and trucks on the market now use the RV-style, 7 way electrical connectors for wiring in trailers. If you have one of these connectors, then you are in luck!

Produced by Pollak for Hidden Hitch, this little adapter is so simple to use, you'll kick yourself for not thinking of it before they did. Just plug it into your 7-way socket and you've got a 12volt, 20amp max, cigarette-lighter-style power port ready to go! Use it for whatever you need to hook up, including a power inverter so you can run your tv or other electronic goodies. Just keep in mind that the amount of power you can use will depend on your truck's battery, so keep an eye on that volt meter!

Talk about neat stuff!

Hidden HitchHidden Hitch

Hidden HitchHidden Hitch


Hidden Hitch
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Madison Heights, MI 48071
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