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HitchDogSometimes something really neat comes along and we just have to tell you about it. This time, that neat thing comes from Cityline Design Ltd. and is called the HitchDog.

The HitchDog serves a dual function. First, it's a plug for your 2" x 2" hitch receiver. Secondly, and more importantly, it acts as a safe deposit box in your truck. The HitchDog is basically a slide-in drawer made of cast aluminum and powder-coated with Polyester. Though it's not 100% waterproof, it is water-resistant and won't rust.

The HitchDog is comprised of two main pieces; the HitchDog itself and a combination lock produced by Trimax. The drawer holds 18 cubic inches of your stuff, but keep in mind that the lock needs to slide through the middle of it. We found it perfect for storing some pocket money and a set of keys.


The HitchDog comes in three sizes to fit just about every Class III or Class IV hitch on the market. The sizes correspond to the distance between the edge of the hitch and the center of the safety pin hole. The HitchDogs all measure 5.38" long, but the holes are either 2.000, 2.500, or 2.875 inches from the front. According to Cityline, 75% of all hitches will use the 2.500" model, and our Tahoe did, in fact, use this size. There is a size chart on the HitchDog website to assist you if you need help in choosing your size.


At the time of writing, the HitchDog is being offered online for only $29.95 and includes the combination lock. If you ever actually use your hitch to tow then you probably want a combination lock anyway, so think of the HitchDog as a $10 to $15 accessory and kill two birds with one stone. The lock also includes a rubber sleeve to help protect the combination part of the lock.

Though we tested the HitchDog on our Tahoe, it will probably find a permanent home on our Project TJ and here's why. The TJ has very few places to store anything securely. The places we can store things all require keys. Well, what if we want to lock up our keys so we don't have to carry them with us when we head down to the lake or to the theater, etc? Toss them in the HitchDog and forget all about them. The combination lock is all we'll need to retrieve your stash when it's time to go home.

Talk about Neat Stuff!

Cityline Design Ltd.
Voicemail: 513-766-2000 x1263
Email: info@hitchdog.com
FAX: 413-410-9472



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