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LOWA Boots

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn
Photos by Jenifer Cohn and Mike Cohn

Lowa BootsLet me ask you a question. When it was time to put tires on your 4x4, did you go and buy the cheapest set you could find and hope that they balanced well, provided excellent traction, and had a lifespan over 6 months? Probably not. OK, now let me ask you the same question about the shoes on your feet. Ahhh, a little different answer, maybe?

Klondike GTXWhy is it that it's ok for your truck to have great shoes, but not you? I ask this question because of my own experiences. For years, I bought cheap shoes or hikers and hoped for the best, often-times destroying them in just a few short months and having miserable feet all the while.

Think about how much time you spend on your feet. According to LOWA, the average person walks three miles a day. Why shouldn't you be happy doing it? And consider how much time you spend climbing over rocks and hiking through mud on the trails. Really think about it. I bet you walk and climb hills on your feet almost as much as you drive!

My Experiences
I have weird feet. They are wide and not very well-shaped. I have trouble finding shoes that fit me and are comfortable.

Klondike GTX

Samalo GTX


Samalo GTXAbout four years ago I decided that I wanted something better-fitting and better-suited to wearing every day and hiking the 4x4 trails in than my current $49.95 bobos. I went to the local outdoors store and saw a set of LOWA Tempest boots on the shelf. I had never heard of them but decided to plunk down my saved cash and try them out. They slipped on my feet and felt like slippers. Could it really be? Could there really be something that fits me well?

At the time I was a service writer in a Jeep shop and spent all day on my feet, both on carpet, and on the main oil-soaked shop floors. The LOWAs had an amazing grip on the slippery shop floor and they proved even more grippy on the trails.

Klondike GTXThat pair lasted me well over a year before the soles began to flatten out and lose their grip. As for the upper, it was completely in-tact with not a stitch pulled. I was amazed. So, of course, I bought another pair, which also lasted over a year.

From that time on, LOWAs have been the only boots I wear. I have since bought two pairs of the Renegade GTX mid boots and they have been my main daily "shoes" for the last couple years. Though they never really seem to fall apart like other boots, they do get dirty so as they get more worn looking, I get a new pair and delegate the old ones to messier duties, like muddy trails and mowing the lawn.

Klondike GTXRecently, it was time for some new pairs and I decided to get a variety this time. For hiking the trails, I chose the Klondike GTX, which is a mid-height boot from LOWA's All Terrain Collection (ATC). For daily wear and even office and going out on the town use, I chose the Samalo GTX, which is a low/standard-height shoe. Both shoes feature Gore-Tex® to help keep them light-weight and dry.

I also decided to go out on a limb and try the super-stylish Tirol, which is a slip-on leather shoe, suitable for just about anything. The Tirol is a pretty hip shoe that can be worn in the office, around town, or just lounging.

All three of my new pairs of LOWAs fit perfectly. Every pair I've had after the Tempests has been mail-ordered. Getting the right size each time has amazed me, frankly. Never before have I found a shoe company that consistently makes shoes the "same" size. With LOWA, I order a size 10 and that's what I get every time - and it fits perfectly.

Klondike GTXWhat's interesting about LOWA Boots is that they are all hand-made in either their main factory in Jetzendorf, which is a small town near Munich or in nearby Slovakia.The local folks make these boots with care and pride, unlike many of the other sweat-shop brands on the market that are mass-produced. Part of the reason LOWA makes great boots is that they have happy employees - and wouldn't you be happy if you had German beer in your break room's vending machines?

So if it sounds like I'm giving LOWA one heck of an endorsement, it's because I am. After four years or so of wearing LOWAs and owning seven pairs, I can honestly tell you that these things rock!

Stop wasting your money and risking unhappy feet. You may not find a LOWA dealer in every town but it's worth your time to find one who will ship you a pair. Click here to find a dealer.

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LOWA Boots, LLC.
Customer Service: 203-353-0116





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