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Neat Stuff From All Things Jeep

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

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PWM EnterprisesSo, once again, the gang at PWM Enterprises sent over a press release on a new product they are carrying.

Here's how it usually goes down when they send something over.

  • Emailed press release arrives
  • I open email and click on link
  • Web page opens and displays some car-related goody
  • I think, "gee, I must have that."
  • I think, "gee, my wife will kill me if I buy that."
  • I close the browser.
  • I close the email
  • I move on, sulking and lamenting the fact that there is one more cool goody out there that I don't have in my office.

Well lament no more! This week, I got something new from PWM to stick on my desk. That's right! A set of four tire and wheel coasters! OK, so they don't have the white letters on the sides like in the photo, but maybe that's all for the better. I mean who reading this site has a set of 225/40ZR R19 tires on their rig anyway?

The coasters are very nicely made, with rubber tires mounted up (but not necessarily balanced) on chromed metal wheels. The tires are parked when not in use on a lovely chrome stand.

What's so cool about these coasters is that they are just plain fun to play with and look at - and well - smell. Yes, they really do smell like tires! All the better to set the work atmosphere in my office.

OK, well maybe the holes in the blingy wheels won't exaclty keep the condensation on my soda can off of my antique credenza, but the tires will keep the can from sliding around.

If you are looking for a neat conversation piece for your desk or perhaps just a great gift idea for the car nut in your life, give a set of these high-quality coasters consideration.

Now that's Neat Stuff.


PWM Enterprises
PO Box 1364
Crystal Lake, IL 60039

(800) 826-8810


Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn is the Editor and founder of Rockcrawler.com. Mike already has entirely too many car and truck-related goodies on his desk but has managed to find a home for his coasters.

Contact Mike at comments@rockcrawler.com




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