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Jeep Rubicon Assembly Line

Photos Courtesy of DaimlerChrysler

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Production of the 2003 Jeep Rubicon began early in August of 2002. Our friends inside the Toledo assembly plant got us these photos of the production line to share with our readers. Follow along and watch this Inca Gold Rubicon is built.

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Chassis Line

Chassis Line

Tires Install

Engine Line

Engine Harness Install

Engine Install

Power Steering Install

Alternator Install

Tail Light Install

Door Seal

Body Drop

Body Marriage to Frame

Body Drop Front Pit


Dash Install

Door Fixture

Door Slagle Install

Windshield Install

Applying Jeep Label

Firewall Harness Install

Radiator Install

Begin Final Assembly

Spare Tire Install

Final Line

Computer Module Install

Final Line

Final Pit Inspection

Brake Fill

Hard Top Install

Final Inspection

Final End of the Line

Completed Vehicle

Own Power to Final Inspection!

Headed Out the Door

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