33 Engineering High Clearance Skid Plate for TJs
By Shawn Pagan

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Real World Testing...
We finished the install project just in time to catch a run with our local club. The first thing everyone did was ooh and ahh about how clean the install looked. Here is a comparison between our test Jeep (bottom) and another Jeep with a stock crossmember and a 1" drop installed in order to compensate for driveline angles without a Slip Yoke Eliminator. Notice the difference in how far the crossmember(s) stick down from the frame.

33 Engineering High Clearance Skidplate
TJ with 4" Lift, stock crossmember and 1" transfer case drop.
33 Engineering High Clearance Skidplate
The 33 Engineering crossmember is smoother, higher, stronger

With almost 4" of additional clearance (about 3" from just the 33 Engineering plate compared to the stock crossmember and the additional 1" from removing the transfer case drop brackets) this little Jeep could now cross boulders that used to high-center it in the past.

33 Engineering High Clearance Skidplate
33" tires alone are not enough to clear this rock.
33 Engineering High Clearance Skidplate
The new setup just barely touches the rock.
33 Engineering High Clearance Skidplate
The clearance of the plate and the flat surface...
33 Engineering High Clearance Skidplate
...allow the crossmember to simple slide across

As you can see, the additional clearance was needed just to clear this obstacle. Anything less might have slid over it ,but might have also been hung up and high-centered.

33 Engineering High Clearance Skidplate
The original crossmember
33 Engineering High Clearance Skidplate
A passenger-side view of the new plate.

Both pieces of the 33 Engineering Skid Plate are made from 3/16ths Cold Rolled Steel, the two mated together provide the strength of a 3/8ths plate - but without the added weight. As you can see from the above photo the vehicle that this is installed in gets it's share of bumps and bruises out on the trail. So far the experience with using this plate has been outstanding. The ability to remove the skid plate has been without a doubt the greatest feature - just ask anyone who ever needed to remove a front driveshaft on the trail with the factory crossmember still installed.

33 Engineering has taken some time to do something different. In this day and age of cookie-cutter products for 'wheeling, actually finding a product that has a little something extra is difficult to find. The owner of this vehicle has been extremely pleased with the function and the look of the 33 Engineering skid plate and is enjoying the extra clearance under his belly.

It should also be noted that 33 Engineering also makes a number of other products, including their own 1" Body Lift Kit and a Heavy Duty Slip Yoke Eliminator kit that could be used if someone were to undertake this project.


33 Engineering
13276 Saturn Drive
Littleton, CO 80124
(303) 799-4183

Collins Brothers Jeep
3101 W. FM 544
Wylie, TX 75098
(800) 699-JEEP
Mountain Off Road Enterprises
P.O. Box 843
Rifle, CO 81650
(970) 625-0500


Shawn Pagan

Shawn Pagan is a staff writer for as well as Our Land Use Editor. Shawn resides north of Houston, TX.

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