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By, EZ Rhino

EZ Rhino - Sidebar #1

Here you can see half of the firewall coated with undercoating. Also notice the nice, shiny black paint on the frame. I am very impressed with POR-15. It dries very fast, brushes on smooth, and has a very tough finish. I had several things fall onto the frame after painting it, and it wasn't even scratched!

After power washing the firewall and underside of the jeep, it was easy to mask off what didn't get coated and give it a good coating with rubberized undercoating. It goes on very thick and has an orange peel texture. It dries hard and is paintable, as well.

One thing that drove me nuts with the old engine was the amount of noise that came through the firewall. It was deafening (exhaust leaks don't help either). I wanted to reduce the noise and also keep the heat from burning my throttle foot. I used some heat reflective, fiber padded insulation to accomplish this.

The padding is made out of the same stuff used in many cars to deaden noise. It's basically identical to factory padding with the exception of the reflective layer, as can be seen in this photo.




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