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Bulletproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards

By Kevin Curry

Putting them to the test
Now comes the fun part! I'm not a small man by any means, so the first thing I did to test the Sidesteps Rocker Guards was to jump up and down on them. I was pleasantly surprised. They feel like they are a permanent part of the frame.

Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards
I took my Hi-lift® jack and lifted up one side using only the Sidestep Rocker Guard as the lift point. It's truly amazing!

No sense in testing the things on pavement, though, so on to the rocks! I found two worthy rocks to do the testing on. One of the rocks I decided to slide the Rocker Guard on and the other I slammed the Rocker Guard down onto.

Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards
I slid the Rocker Guard on this rock to test not only the strength, but also the finish. The Bulletproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards with their powdercoat finish passed the test with flying colors. I was able to wipe off the rock residue with my finger, leaving only a minor scratch. I could not have expected any better.


Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards
The other rock test involved dropping the Jeep down onto a large rock, thus more than supporting the weight of the 4500-pound rig. Again, I was very satisfied. I checked afterwards and the mounts hadn't budged a bit, almost as if they were welded to the frame.

If you are even half-way serious about rockcrawling or just concerned with the ability of people to get into your grocery-getter, then you need to consider a set of these Bulletproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards. The money you spend on these may save you some serious body carnage on the trail.


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