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By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

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We had used a trailer to get our Jeep to Moab, so we didn't get a chance to use the tow bar. Once we got back home, we assembled the tow bar and gave it a try. We ordered ours with everything we'd need to attach to a 2" ball, including the coupler. Assembly was straight-forward. The coupler bolts on to the towbar and the towbar attaches to the bumper using the D-ring brackets. At first, it seemed like the towbar arms were too close together, however, once we got the giant bolts tightened, they drew the towbar outward to the perfect width. Again, Bulletproof manufactured to exact dimensions.
Bulletproof Bumper
Bulletproof towbar
Bulletproof Bumper
We ordered our towbar with a trailer coupler
Bulletproof Bumper
Step 1: Assemble the towbar and coupler.
Bulletproof Bumper
Step 2: Attach towbar to bumper.
Bulletproof Bumper
At first we thought our towbar was too narrow...
Bulletproof Bumper
Tightening the massive bolts resulted in a perfect fit.
Bulletproof Bumper
Completed front bumper with winch and towbar
Bulletproof Bumper
Towbar connected to truck with safety chains and wiring.

The towbar worked as expected. Using our safety chains and lights, we hooked the Cherokee up to our truck and took the Jeep for a ride. When not in use, the towbar can be disconnected. If you order your front bumper with a grill guard, you can rotate the towbar up and bungee cord it in place, however, we wouldn't recommend this for normal driving.

So if it sounds like we're totally happy with our Bulletproof bumpers, it's because we are. They look exactly how we wanted them to, and they put up with all the abuse we could throw at them in Moab and back home on the rock-strewn trails of Alabama and Tennessee. We have every confidence that our bumpers will keep their form over the years, but if they don't, Bulletproof's will replace them for free under warranty - and that's a deal we just couldn't pass up.

Bulletproof Manufacturing
867 South Kellogg
Goleta, CA 93117
(805) 967-2005
Ramsey Winch
P.O. Box 581510
Tulsa, OK 74158
(918) 438-2760



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