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Here's the step-by-step install of the Bulletproof Manufacturing rear Force Field bumper with tire-rack.

Step 11 Admire your new rack. Sure is cool! Note: The rack does not include the jerry cans. they were purchased at a sporting goods store. Also note that the departure angle is probably slightly cut down, due to the tire sticking out further in back. We dont' think it will be a big problem, though. In some areas, we will, certainly leave the gas cans behind and tuck the tire in, though.

The rack has a handy mounting flange on top to mount your CB antenna and has a pre-drilled hole. You will need to get a mounting receiver from a CB shop or Radio Shack. The Hi-Lift jack sits right on top and screws down with butterflies. One butterfly has a hole through it for a small padlock.

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