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Challenger Performance Sport Bar Kit

By Chris Shontz

Basically, all this cage really does is add a cross bar at the top of the windshield, eliminates the windshield tie-in, and goes down to the dash instead.

Drilling is required with the addition of the optional spreader bars, but the kit is otherwise an easy bolt-on solution. I chose not to install the spreader bars due to personal preference.

The cross bar is bolted into place, but you can easily weld it to gain strength if you so desire.

Once the cage was completely installed, I put the windshield back up and put the top up. The side arms lack any sort of windshield tie-in. In my case, the windshield frame rested against the curve at the top of the side bar. It worked, but there is zero tolerance. Fortunately, tolerances can be adjusted by repositioning the bolts where the side bars tie into the stock rollbar.

The TJ's soft-top support "boomerangs" fit on to the bar a little hard after the cage was installed, due to very subtle tolerance changes, but they eventually loosened up and continue to fit fine.

The canvas top went up well, and clamped down on the windshield with a bit more difficulty than normal, but that ensures a tight fit and the clamps or visors do not interfere with the cross bar whatsoever.

You most likely will experience these subtle tolerance changes, but they are adjustable, and not the least bit problematic.

In the amount of time I've been using this product, the only problem I have encountered is that when driving on road with no top, if I hit a good bump, I would hear a dull thud as the windshield frame deflects off of the side bars. This seldom occurs, and can most-likely be adjusted so that it does not happen at all.

So, is this a functional safety device or a cosmetic enhancement? I'd say it is moreso a cosmetic enhancement, but it does add some peace of mind. I feel it could support the weight of the vehicle, but not in a high-impact situation.

This product appeals to me most because it is 100% bolt-on in nature and I feel it functions best as a product that simply makes it easier to put your windshield down. Like other Challenger products I've seen, their Sport Bar shows great design and quality.

If you expect to someday tumble end-over-end off of Lion's Back in Moab, or if you spend more time on your roof in Tellico, there are better solutions.

Many thanks to Greg Hiens for providing above two pictures that were taken during a recent Tellico trip. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at cshontz@rockcrawler.com - I'd especially like to hear about your experiences with this product!
Challenger Performance
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