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Cobra 18WXSTII & 19DXIII CB Radios

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

The 19DXIII is kind of like the little brother to the 18WXSTII. The radio has 40 channels, like its big brother, but does not have NOAA weather or some of the other features. Measuring 6 7/8"D x 6 3/4"W x 1 7/8"H, the 19DXIII is pretty much a no-frills unit for use in small spaces.

19DXIII ControlsThe 19DXIII features:

  • 40 CB channels
  • Volume control
  • Squelch control
  • Channel Selector
  • Transmit (TX) indicator light
  • Signal strength meter
  • Heavy-Duty microphone with 9 foot cord
  • Mounting Bracket

Operation and use of the 19DXIII is very similar to the 18WXSTII. Again, you have easy-to-grab Volume, Squelch and channel knobs. Your only other switches are for instant Channel 9 and a toggle for CB or PA speaker. Unlike the 18WXSTII, this little unit can run an external PA speaker. I was a bit surprised that the big radio did not have this feature. The PA speaker is a nice feature for trail use. I have used one in the past to call for a spotter or give directions. Of course, as a kid, I also used them for the infamous mystery voice in parking lots, but that's another story for another time.

19DXIII  Close-Up
Controls are straight-forward and easy to use. The microphone hooks up right on the front of the radio.
18WXSTII Parts
The 19DXIII's speaker is underneath. Keep that in mind when deciding where to mount it.

19DXIII  Close-Up
Like its big brother, the 19DXIII comes with everything you need to mount it in most cases.
18WXSTII Parts
The rear has outlets for both a PA speaker and an external speaker, as well as the antenna.


Summing it Up
You can pretty much expect about the same performance from both radios, as the basic guts are similar. The choice between the two units is going to hinge mostly on the size and your "need" for extra features. Both units come with the same microphone and a two year warranty.

One feature that is missing from these units that you might miss is upper and lower sideband ability. Though this is a luxury feature, it would have been a nice addition to the 18WXSTII. However, by no means would I let it be a deal-breaker if looking at this unit. Sideband is not typically used on the trails, anyway.

Cobra CB radios have long been regarded as some of the best in the business and these two radios continue that legacy. The radios are clear, easy to use, look good and work great. We've even left ours out in several rain storms and it fired right up the next morning, after letting it sit and dry out for a while, first. A big plus for a four wheeler!

Cobra also has many other radios to choose from, including the 75WXST, which is a compact, remote-mount unit with all of the controls in the microphone and many other full-featured units, some of which include Cobra's NightWatch feature for better viewing in the dark. Check out Cobra's website for their full line of products at www.cobraelectronics.com.

See you on the trails, good buddy.

Cobra Electronics Corporation
6500 West Cortland Street
Chicago, IL 60707
(773) 889-3087
Turbo City
1137 West Katella Avenue
Orange, California 92867

(714) 639-4933



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