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Cobra Electronics UK75ST CB Radio

Let me now show you how I fitted it in my TJ. I decided that the best place to fit the gray box was under the center consule, as it would be out of the way, and when I disconnected the mic. there would be no sign that a CB was fitted in the Jeep.

Cobra CB Cobra CB Cobra CB

As you can see, there is just enough room to mount the gray box in front of the gear lever. The center consule will fit back over without fouling. You may be wondering why I ran the power cable around the back of the gear lever rather then taking it straight forward under the dash. There is an in-line fuse fitted in the power lead, so by running the power lead around the gear lever, you can access the fuse by lifting the gear lever boot, rather than having to remove the center consule.

I ran the aerial cable along the top of the drivers' rear wheel arch, under the carpet, then down to cross over to the center and along past the hand brake lever, and ending up under the center consule. The power supply picks up on a permanent live feed from the fuse box behind the glove box.

Cobra CBThe next job was to fix the mic mount. The kit Cobra supplies includes self-tapping screws, but as I decided to fix the mount on the center facial panel, which is made of plastic, I used M5 button-head screws. I removed the panel and drilled it to take M5 screws, used large washers on the back of the panel to spread the load, and NyLoc nuts. At the bottom left of the picture you can just see the quick disconnect joint to remove the mic. I also added a clip to keep the mic. cable off of the floor.


Cobra CB

Once connected up, you need to set the SWR, as if you do not set the correct setting, your will get poor performance, and you may damage the rig.

Am I satisfied with the rig? Yes, very much so. The sound is crisp, and the the SoundTacker system seems to work very well.

Don't forget that to run a CB in the UK you require a licence.



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