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Cooling the Hot Spot

(The One On My Head, Anyway)
By Shawn M. Pagan
Just a Few Quick Steps
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ComboGrip Breezer Top
The "Breezer" Installs Just like a bikini top.  Fold the flexible strip into the front channel.
ComboGrip Breezer Top
Fold over the front connecter into the header channel.
ComboGrip Breezer Top
Pull the rear corner straps around the center hoop. 
ComboGrip Breezer Top
Slide the strap thru the metal clasp and pull tight.  Repeat on the other 4 center hoop straps.
ComboGrip Breezer Top
Pull the center strap down and around the center hoop.
ComboGrip Breezer Top
Put the center strap thru the footman loop on the windshield and run it back thru the clasp and pull tight.
ComboGrip Breezer Top
The "Breezer" is installed and ready for use.  Note - Mr. Monkey seems to like the fresh air and the shade provided by the new top.

I was sitting here thinking about how I was going to test a new top. after all it’s just another bikini top right?  Then I started wondering about the most "hardcore" way I could make my evaluation and it hit me - on the street!

Oh the street? You ask!  How dare you! We don’t want no stinking street Jeep here. But wait. Let me explain.

I, like many others, drive my trail toy to work every day. I have a twenty mile, one-way commute.  Amittedly, I am exceedingly lucky that I don’t have to run on any freeways, nor do I really hit any traffic in the morning, and only get a little on the way home. But I am always perplexed about which top to run; no top, hard top or my Safari Bikini.

Right now, the mornings are great; 70 degrees, slight breeze and I always want to run without a top. On the way home, though, it’s more like 98 degrees with 60% humidity and the ground is baking.  Oh yeah, and traffic; which means I have to sit in my open Jeep and broil in the sunlight. 

Yes, I could just put on my bikini top to protect my balding head from the sun, but then the fumes from the exhaust get trapped inside and with the heat from the pavement you have to end up running the A/C just to “clear” the air - so I may as well run the hard top.. 

Now I have my solution... Since I really don’t like running the hard top or the safari top, the new Breezer top from Direct Effect Enterprises (makers of ComboGrip, which we reviewed earlier this year) offers the solution for me.  In the mornings it allows the wind and the cool weather to blow thru my Jeep, while in the afternoon it allows the hot fumes and the pavement heat to escape thru the top while at the same time shading my head and eyes from the direct sunlight.

ComboGrip Breezer Top
The "grand view" looking up from the driver's seat, through the top.
ComboGrip Breezer Top
It's easy to see the shade the "Breezer" provides

The top uses a standard header channel like one would use for a BesTop top (I have the BesTop No-Drill Header Channel) and then attaches with 5 straps that have metal clasps (yes, metal - not that cheap plastic stuff that some other manufacturers use) to the center roll bar.  It is easy to install and doesn’t flap or make any other noises.

ComboGrip Breezer Top
Notice the 5 strap locations compared to some manufacture's 3 straps.

The top is made of a very heavy webbing and the quality of the stitching seems very good, as all of the edges are finished off with a wide piece of heavy cloth.  Even with the full cage that is installed in my Jeep, I have had no problems with the fit.  In fact, I like the way it fits on the sides.  It is left loose enough that when rubbing against rocks or trees it simply folds itself over the roll bar so it does not get damaged.

ComboGrip Breezer Top
The side blends nicely into the rollcage.

This will definitely be one of the tops that I will use on a regular basis – at least until DEE comes out with their “Maxi Breezer” model (covers the rear seats and should be in production by next summer) so I can take the heat off of my daughter’s head too!

Currently the “Breezer Top is available for '76-'83 CJ-5,  '76-'86 CJ-7,  '87-'96 YJ,  '97-'02 TJ.  Suggested retails pricing is $49.95* up to '91 and $59.95* for 92 and up models.  '66-'77 Bronco is currently in prototype (using Kayline-style hardware). 10 additional applications including Samurai and “Maxi Breezer” for  '92 and later model Jeeps will be in production be next season. 

ComboGrip Breezer Top ComboGrip Breezer Top

"Breezer" installed on an earlier model Jeep.


Direct Effect Enterprises
1972 Overland St
Colton, CA 92324
Phone: (800) 792-9897


Shawn Pagan

Shawn Pagan is a staff writer for ROCKCRAWLER.com as well as Our Land Use Editor. Shawn resides north of Houston, TX.

Contact Shawn at thepagan@rockcrawler.com

* Prices accurate at time of writing

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