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Get a Handle On It!

Direct Effect Handle
The handles are fully adjustable and go on easily. No rocket science involved.
Direct Effect Handle
You can see the difference between the new handle (left) and our home-grown version (right).

I'm a fidget. My hands must be doing something at all times. They always need somewhere to be. So, about four years ago, I went to an outdoors shop and discovered that a carabiner-coupler was the exact same size as my hand. I bought two of these and using thin climbing rope, I made some handles that hung from my sport bar. My creation gave me a place to hang my hand when traveling or sitting in traffic when I wasn't having to shift and steer at the same time.

The problems with these handles was that they weren't very supportive and they also got in the way a bit, because they hung down so low. When off-road, they really didn't give me anything strong to hold on to or hoist myself up into the Jeep with, either. In fact, a heavier friend of mine unknowingly grabbed one and snapped the rope that was holding them on, nearly falling on the ground. Though it was a fairly amuzing moment with plenty of jokes following, I realized that my design had a short-coming. The handles themselves were plenty strong, but not the rope holding them on. In addition, they weren't terribly comfortable.

More recently, we've noticed a few companies making grab handles. The newest entry into this market is Direct Effect Enterprises; maker of the ComboGrip. Always curious to find a better way, we got a set sent out for us to check out.

Like the ComboGrip, these grab handles use very heavy-duty webbing and industrial stitching. Velcro strips keep it all together and in place. When we discussed the handles with DEE, we expressed concern over strength and reliability of such a setup. What's important to note about these handles is that they have a sort of double-wrap, which makes it so that little to no load is put on the Velcro itself. Once we saw the double-wrap in person, we understood.

What else can we really say about them? It's a grab handle, right? The handles will fit tubing from 2" to 3 1/4" and are fully adjustable. Put them anywhere you like and they'll stay put. The handles are quite comfortable and very durable. How could we not recommend a set for your rig? Get one for youself and one for your passenger(s). They'll appreciate it. They really will. I know, because of seen how you drive!


Direct Effect Enterprises
1972 Overland St
Colton, CA 92324
Phone: (800) 792-9897



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