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Get a Handle On It!

Direct Effect Handle
Here is our ComboGrip, which keeps a fire extinguisher conveniently placed right behind us.
Direct Effect Handle
We decided that the vertical mounting position would work out the best for our Jeep.

One thing we all need in our rig is a fire extinguisher. Some people, like myself, like to carry more than one. I've seen them run out before fires when on the trails, because they are too small, so I like to be prepared.

Earlier this year, we told you about the ComboGrip, which is a combination fire extinguisher holder and pair of grab handles that fits over your roll or sport cage main bar, just behind your seats. But where could we put a second fire extinguisher?

Direct Effect Enterprises came up with the answer to this question, with their Side Mount fire extinguisher holder. What's so nice about this holder is that you can put it anywhere you have tubing.

Mounting the holder is a cinch, once you figure out where all of the straps are supposed to go. It is a bit confusing, at first. Like the other accessories DEE makes, these holders use a double-wrap, Velcro setup, which provides an extra measure of safety and holds the fire extinguisher nice and tight. Remember, you don't want a fire extinguisher to become airborne on the trails. Ouch!

We tried mounting it on our Project TJ in a couple different ways; first, on the top part of the rear sport bar and then on the back, down-turn of it.

In our Jeep, we found the vertical mounting position to be optimal. It stays in place nicely and if it were to somehow slip, it would still be supported by the tub of the Jeep.

We also tried hanging the fire extinguisher from the horizontal bar of our sport cage. Because we have a sound bar, we didn't really have enough room to mount it there comfortably. Without the sound bar, however, this could be a viable spot, however.


Direct Effect Handle
An extra safety loop goes inside in case of the unlikely event of the Velcro strap coming loose.
Direct Effect Handle
Another extra strap goes through the trigger handle of the extinguisher. Again, this is nice in case the extinguisher were to come loose.
Direct Effect Handle
The horizontal position would not work for us because the rear straps would not cinch up all the way. In addition, the safety strap could not be attached to the trigger.
Direct Effect Handle
A convenient handle can be rotated however you like it for comfort and safety.

An added bonus of the fire extinguisher holder is a grab handle. The handle can be rotated to just about any angle you'd like. In the vertical position, aiming it outside the Jeep would be nice for grabbing on to when stepping up on your tire. In the horizontal location, a handle could be nice for any rear passengers to grab on to.

Like the other products that Direct Effect has sent our way, we're very impressed. The heavy-duty webbing and industrial stitching should ensure years of abuse and exposure to the elements.

Once again, Direct Effect has come up with something useful and well thought-out.

Direct Effect Enterprises
1972 Overland St
Colton, CA 92324
Phone: (800) 792-9897



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