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How long does it take you to air down your tires every time you wheel? Ok, it may not be an eternity, but it's time-consuming and it's also a drag flipping your tire gauge over to check pressure every couple pounds to see where you're at. Well, Currie's got a cure!

This is the business end of the Currie Tire Deflator.

Step 1 Pull off your valve stem cap and twist the threaded end of the deflator clockwise onto the valve stem using the inner knob. This holds it in place and creates a good seal.

Step 3 Once you feel it come loose, the shaft will blow out of the tire with the core. Now you're ready to deflate. Press the sliding collar toward the tire (left hand) and you'll hear the air come rushing out.

Step 5 Reverse the process by putting the stem core back in place.

The gauge end is in a rubber housing for protection.

Step 2 Now turn the outer knob while pressing in toward the tire. You'll feel it catch the stem's core. Now turn it counter-clockwise several turns. This backs the core out of the stem.

Step 4 Keep an eye on your gauge. Remember, the air is going to come out extremely fast. Pull the ring up to see pressure, as it's not 100% accurate while air is moving. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until desired pressure.

Step 6 Once the stem is in place you can remove deflator and hit the trails!

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