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Edge Trail Jammer - Jeep 4.0L

Story By Gary Wescott
Photos By Gary Wescott, Michael Cohn

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Next, Shawn removed the stock air filter box and tube, and the new Trail Jammer high-performance filter box was installed using three bolts - one original and two supplied in the kit. The grill support bar on the passenger side had to be detached and fed through a hole in the filter baffle.

Edge Trail Jammer
The new Trail Jammer high-performance filter baffle was installed using three bolts, one original and two supplied in the kit. Having a u-joint socket will be a great help for the radiator bolt.
Edge Trail Jammer
The Trail Jammer’s intake tube installs easily using hose clamps at each end.
Edge Trail Jammer
The throttle body simply bolts and you reconnect the harnesses.
Edge Trail Jammer
The Edge module connects in-line to the stock harness. Easy!

With the new filter clamped in place, the air tube was attached to the filter baffle and throttle body. Now the valve cover breather hose was connected with its hose clamp.

Finally, the Edge Trail Jammer Electronic Module was positioned in the driver’s fender well with Velcro, and the interconnecting plugs were attached to the corresponding factory harness.

Finished! Open a cold one.

Edge Trail Jammer
Completed install in a third TJ - this one a '97 Sahara
Edge Trail Jammer
Completed install in a third TJ - this one a '97 Sahara

Edge Trail Jammer
On the dyno, we saw our horsepower jump from the stock 156 to 177 HP and the original torque climbed to 232 ft-lb., a substantial 15% gain for such a simple installation.
Before we started work on the Wrangler Sport, we took to the road for a seat-of-the-pants drive and some time tests. We also climbed a couple of hills outside of town, just to get a “stock” feeling. From 0 to 60 our average had been 12.6 seconds, and from 50 to 70 took 11.6 seconds.

With the Trail Jammer kit installed, our 0 to 60 time dropped to 10.9, and our original 50 to 70 time of 11.6 seconds dropped impressively to 9.9.

The real difference in feel was on the highway and climbing. The engine seemed more responsive and alive. On the dyno, we saw our horsepower jump from the stock 156 to 177 - a substantial 21HP gain for such a simple installation. The original torque climbed to 232 ft-lbs.

The Rubicon showed a similar horsepower increase, but how would it do in the dirt? We found some reasonably challenging rock outcrops on a trail behind Browns Valley RV Performance Center and Jason put the Rubicon into its crawl mode with both lockers engaged. The results were impressive, with a noticeable increase in torque, yet it still retained the sensitivity of the throttle. The idle was not affected at crawl speeds.

Bottom line, the 4.0L six is a good little engine. If you’re not quite up to the expense and work of stuffing in a small block V8, the Edge Products Trail Jammer is a great way to increase performance of your Jeep, and you can do it yourself during the NFL Halftime Report.

MSRP for the complete kit is $949.00 or $649.00 for just the throttle body and electronic module if you already have an intake on your Jeep. Edge Products also manufactures a full line of plug-in modules, programmers, and in-cab controllers for all popular late-model domestic trucks, vans and motorhomes.


Edge Products Company
Phone: (888) 360-3343
Brown's Valley RV Performance Center
Phone: (866) 742-2594


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