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Four X Doctor
Rocker Panel Guards

By Cole Ford

Installation Tips
I was so excited to have these that I installed them as soon as they arrived. A little bit more planning would have made the install a bit easier. Here is what you need.

- A friend to hold up the Four X Doctor rockers while you mark or drill the holes.

- An air-driven drill or one that plugs into the wall or has lots of good batteries. My poor cordless was barely up to all the drilling I had to do.

- A telescoping magnet in case you drop one of the nuts inside the inner kick panel of the Jeep. Trust me on this one. I now have a makeshift magnetic screwdriver that pulls my tool box over to my Jeep every time I pull in the garage.

Optima Drill
Drilling through the frame is a real beast. We ran out of batteries and had to rig up an Optima to run the drill. Don't try this at home! Use the most powerful drill you can find.
The rocker panel guards come with everything you need in the way of hardware.
Removing the stock steps is simple, assuming no bolts have fused themselves in yet. 8 bolts per side.
In the Sahara, you must temporarily remove some plastic trim and in most other Jeeps, some carpet, as well.
Take the Sahara side guards off and marvel at all the dirt and grime hidden beneath. You might want to clean up just a little before moving on.
Remember to get the biggest baddest drill you can (unlike this 12volt battery-powered one).
Drilling holes in the tub of a Jeep is not for the weak of heart, but you can do it, we swear!
Once you're done, you'll be all set to attach the rocker panel guards.
Drilling the holes allows you to get your socket inside the tub in order to fasten the guards on.
Drilling the holes allows you to get your socket inside the tub in order to fasten the guards on.
Try taping your washers on to the socket to get them in place without losing them.
Spacers are used to keep the rocker guards snug.
Cole Ford

Cole Ford is a staff writer for ROCKCRAWLER.com and resides in Littleton, CO. Cole is the owner of Project Cross Trainer.

Contact Ford at xtremjeepn@rockcrawler.com



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