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By, chad Crowell

Hanson Enterprise Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier, and Cargo Rack System

Hanson Cargo Rack

You can buy several combinations of cargo racks to mount atop your Hanson tire carrier. There are two styles, a U Basket, and a Small Basket. I have a small basket. Both can be used, the U style mounting around the spare tire, and the small style above it. Or, just get a U style, or just a small one like me. Or two smalls...you get the picture! The small basket is 32" wide and 20" deep.

The small basket mounts atop the spare tire mounts easily and quickly. Simply bolt the small basket to the tall frame (necessary to mount the rack). Slip the frame into the holes on the tire carrier. At this point, the cargo rack is securely mounted, but Hanson provides a safety/security/anti-rattle measure. A tab is provided to bolt your cargo rack and tire carrier together at the spot where the antenna mounts. I welded the tab onto the carrier since I run my antenna all the time, and use the cargo rack here and there. This way, both can be used together without having to keep a second metal mounting tab handy.

The cargo rack fits over a 36" tire with ease.

An aluminum bottom shelf is provided and can be riveted onto the base of the cargo rack to keep smaller items from falling through the slats on the rack. Just another value added benefit of this setup.

With the whole rear-end setup bolted on, you can really carry a lot of stuff! And no matter how much cargo I have piled onto the Hanson system, it has remained quiet and stable. It never squeaks or rattles, and never leans front to back or sideways at all. When the carrier is swung open, it does not sag. I can climb on the tire carrier to get to items on the cargo rack...even with the tire carrier open...and it still supports the weight with no problem.

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