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Holley Truck Avenger Off-Road Carb
& Power Shot Air Filter

By Jack Brinks

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I've been running a QuadraJet carburetor on the AMC 401 in my CJ-7 for several years and was getting a little tired of its performance at times. Even though this carb performs better than any others I've tried, especially after the countless hours I've spent fine-tuning it, it still doesn't allow me to climb steep hills with bumps or ledges very well. I've learned how to drive through it, so to speak, but it has also caused some interesting moments in the past. When that big engine swallows all of that gas, either instant acceleration, or instant die-out is the result!

Now, along comes the Holley Truck Avenger. Being the skeptic that I am, at first I thought it was just another Holley with spring-loaded needles and seats. Although I have never personally run a Holley off-road, I hadn't ever heard great things about how their carburetors perform. In fact, just the opposite has been the case. Many people have ended up switching back to their stock carburetors or have bitten the bullet and gone to fuel injection.

Holley Truck Avenger
Holley Truck Avenger

One look at the Truck Avenger tells you that this is not your ordinary Holley. The first thing that catches your eye is the one-piece vent tube, designed to "eliminate fuel spill-over during extreme maneuvers." Other not-so-obvious features are a built-in fuel inlet filter and Viton transfer tube seals, clear site plugs for easier float adjustments, spring loaded needles and seats, an adjustable vacuum secondary, High Vacuum Signal (H.V.S.) annular boosters, electric choke, and metering blocks designed to "eliminate fuel spill-over through the boosters at extreme angles."

Holley Truck Avenger Holley Truck Avenger
One-piece vent tube
Inlet filter and Viton tube seals
Holley Truck Avenger
Adjustable vacuum secondaries
Holley Truck Avenger Holley Truck Avenger
Spring-loaded needle & seat
Metering block


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