Intercomp Fill, Bleed and Read Gauge
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By, Mike Cohn "TXJEEPER"

Intercomp Racing, Fill, Bleed & Read Air Gauge


Looking from the side, you can see the high-quality fittings used to aseemble the gauge. No cheap stuff here.

The 3.5" gauge face is protected on the sides and back by a thick, rubber casing, to prevent damage if dropped.

Pay attention to the warning on the side is important. Otherwise, when filling, the nozzle may shoot loose and cause injury.


Guess glows in the dark!

The thick, heavy-duty, flame-resistant hose is made by Goodyear, for extra durability and reliability.

IntercompSo what our thoughts on this gauge? Quite simply, we love it. We don't want to send it back. The gauge is incredibly accurate, useful, and wieldy. The nossle even swivels 360 degrees, so you don't have to contort yourself while inflating your tires if the tire's valve is at the top. Very nice.

When you look at what you can use to manage your tires, think about what's easiest and quickest. You can pump with one hose and check with another. Or, with the Intercomp fill, bleed and read, you can do it all in one shot, quickly, easily, and accurately. And, for those of us that have home shops or commercial shops, the Intercomp will prove to be a must-have.

'Nuff said. See you on the trails... and yes, you can borrow mine if you really need to. Get in line!


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