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We Try The New JKS Quick Disconnects


JKS Quick Disconnects for Jeep TJ's and XJ's

7 Disconnect both sides and lift your swaybar up until the loose end sits somewhere near the middle of the frame. Mark that spot and drill a hole for the holding pin. We suggest you use a smaller bit for a pilot hole and then use the 1/4" bit that is called for. Use oil on your bit to keep from burning it up.

8 Use your 5/16" x 18 tap to finish the hole. Be sure to use plenty of grease or oil here, too, to ensure that you don't destroy your hardware. Another suggestion is to cut a bit, back out, then cut more. Repeating this will help you tap a cleaner hole with a good fit for the bolt.


9 Once you've tapped the hole, use an Allen head driver to screw in the holding pin. Connect the link on this side and mark your drill hole on the other side and repeat the installation of the pin.

10 Once you've finished, the links will both fold up and be held out of the way while you are off-road. Please remember to reconnect them when driving on the highway, to ensure your safety.

That's it. Reconnection is quick and painless. Please be sure to grease the disconnects before using to ensure longer life. Enjoy!




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