K5 Body Lift
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By, Scott Brown

Rough Country - K5 Blazer 3" Body Lift Install

With the vehicle lowered to the floor again, it is time to give the brake lines at the master cyliner a little massage. Notice the before and after pictures of the brake lines coiling down. Be sure to give them a little extra slack to allow for body movement.
It is now time for the lengthening of the steering shaft. The steering shaft slip joint is pinned at the factory with two plastic pins that lock the slip shafts together. This slip joint is here in case of an accident, the slip shaft will take up some of the crash energy before transferring it up into the wheel and causing possible bodily damage. These pins are shown at the end of the two screwdrivers.

Use a torch to heat these up until they bubble out, allowing the shaft to be extended

This picture shows the shaft after it has been extended.
If we had the upper fan shroud, this is when it would be located on the radiator, approximately three inches lower than factory. All that is left now is to re-install the front grill, hook up the battery and re-install the airbag fuse (if equipped). If you happen to have a transfer case shifting problem, then pull up the shift boot and notch the floor slightly so as to allow you to fully engage low range. We have seen from time to time, under extreme flex, the body push the transfer lever out of gear. This requires even more floor notching.
This last picture is the finished product. The guy on the left is Steve (who has owned and built many different 4x4's) and the guy on the right is Scott (who is building a 350 XJ and is known as SKEETER in the chat room). As some of you have noticed, those are not the same tires we started with. They are 33 x 12.50 x 15 MT's




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