Kilby TJ Steering Gear Box Skid Plate

By Shawn Pagan

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The Kilby plate used only existing holes to mount the plate. No drilling or special tools were required. Basically you remove one bolt from the steering box and the lower bumper mounting bolt. You then install the box and replace the two bolts.

In addition, the Kilby plate is designed for different type of installs with a welded-on tab that would allow you to drill a hole into the front cross member to mount the plate if you had an aftermarket or stock bumper that wouldn't allow one to reach or add something to the lower bumper mount. On the Tomken you have to order the plate for either a stock or aftermarket bumper. If you choose to change your bumper later you may have to get a new plate.

Kilby Steering Skid Plate
Installing the steering box bolt thru the plate and the frame.
Kilby Steering Skid Plate
Installing the lower bumper mount bolt.

Once the Kilby plate is installed it's very easy to see the differences between it and the Tomken plate:

Kilby Steering Skid Plate
Notice how compact the Kilby plate is. Also note the side protection.
Kilby Steering Skid Plate
Notice how far down the Tomken plate sits under the frame.

I'm not totally sure that the side plate really offers any additional protection, however it does add a little peace of mind. I do also like the additional clearance under the skid plate. I have heard a number of people comment that the steering box is up and out of the way and probably really doesn't need to be protected. Well, if you notice the corners of the Kilby plate in these next two pictures you will see that it obviously kept the steering box from getting hit. Those white marks are from either Las Cruces or Katemcy Rocks and hard rock damages pretty much anything it hits so you can imagine that I was happy to have protection when I needed it - whether I knew it at the time or not.

Kilby Steering Skid Plate
Note the damage - especially at the corners.
Kilby Steering Skid Plate
Here is a close-up of the driver's side edge.

The Kilby Steering Box Skid Plate is easy to install - at least easier then the previous one I used. It is flexible enough in design to mount it to multiple bumper configurations without needing a new plate. It also provides better ground clearance then the previous one I was running and it sells for a competitive price. Based on all that I would recommend this plate to anyone looking for a little less to worry about when out on the trails.


Kilby Enterprises
1847 North Keystone St.
Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 848-2900


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