Kilby Enterprises' GTSP1

By Chris Shontz
Kilby TJ Gas Tank Skid Plate
Here is another shot of the top of the skid plate leg. The hole in the leg is elongated, so there is plenty of tolerance, however in our particular case, the nut turned onto the stud in very close proximity to the vertical portion of the leg, making it difficult to get a wrench or a socket on the nut to turn it.
Kilby TJ Gas Tank Skid Plate

Without much effort, we bolted the skidplate up, reconnected the electric harness, the ground, the high-pressure line, the EVAP line, and reassembled the fuel fill bezel. No problems were encountered, and the installation went very smoothly.

The image to the left is a good example of the profile of the final installed GTSP1 product.

Kilby TJ Gas Tank Skid Plate
Here is the skid plate at a different angle. The steel is sloped at the front and the back of the skid plate to help allow it to sled over obstacles if need be. There are drain locations at each corner to prevent it from filling up with mud or water during a wet day on the trail. The skid plate wraps around the gas tank completely protecting it on all sides.
Kilby TJ Gas Tank Skid Plate
Once we had it all installed, we put the tires back on the TJ, and lowered the Jeep back to the ground. This is the shot of the skid plate without a rear bumper on a TJ with approximately 3" of lift, and 32" tires. Kilby's design helps this Jeep maintain its precious ground clearance, that would surely have been lost if a heavy duty gas skid from any other manufacturer had been installed instead.
Kilby TJ Gas Tank Skid Plate

To brand the GTSP1, Kilby Enterprises cleverly cut their name out of the back face of the skid plate. This will ensure that the product will be recognized immediately on trail rides throughout the country.

Kilby's skid plate is a zero-compromise skid plate with nothing to lose, and everything to gain. No shortcuts were taken to engineer this fine product.

Kilby TJ Gas Tank Skid Plate

There is no doubt that this skid plate will serve me, and others who have already installed it, very well for years to come. If you are in the market for gas tank armor for your TJ, I highly recommend you consider this product.

"Kilby" is a name that has become renowned for quality and function through simplicity and thoughtful engineering, and this gas tank skid plate helps reinforce that reputation.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding this product, please e-mail me at cshontz@rockcrawler.com.

Chris Shontz Chris Shontz is a staff-writer for ROCKCRAWLER.com and resides in the renowned four-wheeling and rockcrawling metropolis of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


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