Looong CJ

Pluggin The Holes:

Trap Door
A convenient Storage door was built.

Storage Box
A great storage compartment was built behind the seats.

Now, the gaping holes in the body had to be plugged. He went to his computer and designed the panels for the sides, and the storage compartment in the floor. Each piece was individually cut using a CNC plasma cutter. The pieces were then tacked together to ensure proper fit. Storage compartments were added to each side behind the front seats where the fender wells used to be. Doors to these compartments were added to the new body side panels, allowing instant access to the compartments' contents on the trial. With the rear wheel well now 20" farther back, the door opening could be widened at the bottom. We had hoped to make it the same as a CJ-7/Wrangler/Scrambler door, but alas, the roll bar was in the way. As a result, the door is slightly smaller at the bottom than those other Jeeps, but but much bigger than it was. It was an improvement! Then, I reassembled the lengthened brake lines, fuel lines, wiring, driveshaft, nerf bars, etc..

Post Op 1

Post Op 2
Post Op.

Prettyin' Her Up!

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