Metcalf Motorsports Flat Skidplate Kit
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Metcalf Motorsports Flat Skidplate Package

Flat Skidplate

The Metcalf skidplate is made of " steel plate. It has another piece of formed steel for the transmission mount that runs the length of the plate form side to side. The mount is predrilled for the four studs on the drivetrain. There is a hole in the skidplate that allows access to the studs from the bottom.

Since I ordered the package for a 1" body lift, a frame spacer was welded on each end of the plate to move it down off of the frame. The spacers are square tube, capped on the ends to keep dirt and water out. The plate is designed so that the mounting bolts countersink into the plate to keep them from getting mangled by rocks. New mounting bolts and washers are provided.


Metcalf Motorsports Flat skidplate


Transmission Mount bolts

Installing the plate was more challenging than expected, but still not too bad. Two floor jacks made it very manageable.

Begin by chocking the wheels. Then loosen the main motor mount nuts to allow for some play. Remove the four bolts holding the drivetrain to the stock skidplate and you are ready to begin.



Place a floor jack under the transmission, using a piece of wood to spread the load. Jack up the transmission as high as possible.

Place another floor jack under the skidplate and remove the six mounting bolts. Lower the skidplate out of the way. You may want to use this time to change your transfer case and transmission fluid. It's much easier to do with the skidplate out of the way!

Drivetrain jacked up off old skidplate




Raising the new skidplate into place

Raise the new skidplate up with the jack and loosely install it on the frame with the provided bolts and washers. Lower the transmission jack and guide the four studs into the holes in the transmission mount. Loosely install the original four nuts onto the studs. Check clearances of the catalytic converter, transmission linkage and transfer case linkage. Tighten the skidplate to frame mounting bolts, and then the transmission mount nuts.


New Skidplate on
New Skidplate on

Your rear pinion will need to be adjusted to point the pinion directly at the end of the output shaft on the transfer case. You may need longer upper rear arms for this as I did, but if you have adjustable lowers you may not. That's it! Drive your Jeep out and look at the difference in clearance. I gained 2 5/8" of clearance from this simple modification! We all know that every inch counts out there on the rocks.


Metcalf retools the stock linkage for clearance issues..
I did have some binding on the transfer case linkage. Brennan and I worked through it, and he built a new linkage for me, which he now supplies for this package. It was unexpected, but easily remedied. Brennan cut,switched, and welded the two arms of the linkage so that the side near the tub is shorter and clears the transmission hump. Note that if you have a linkage drop bracket that came with your body lift it should be removed.


This was an easy package to install, and the benefits are outstanding. I can't wait to get up on the Rubicon to see how much different it is to drive with 35" tires and almost 4" more clearance under my transfer case (tires and flat plate combined)! The products are well built and very strong..


See the difference between the heights of the skidplates.

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