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By, Mike Cohn "TXJEEPER"

Magellan MAP410 GPS

The MAP410 allows up to 20 routes with 30 reversible legs. Within those routes you can save up to 500 waypoints or landmarks. That's a whole lot for most of us. What's a waypoint? Say you're at you are out and find a killer rock-ledge that you want to bring your buddies back to on your next run. Simply hold down the ENTER/MARK button and save your waypoint. The waypoint is nothing more than a saved Latitude/Longitude point. You can name the waypoint anything you like and you can even type in a short note about it, like “great rock ledge.”

The MAP410 has some other interesting features, like:

  • SUN/MOON: This will tell you the sunrise and sunset times of day
  • FISH/HUNT: Tells you the approximate best times for fishing and hunting the area based on the sun/moon data. It lists Excellent From/To and Good From/To times.
  • TEMPERATURE: The MAP410 has a thermometer built in and can read C or F.
  • ALARMS: There are several useful alarms, including arrival, cross track error, proximity to waypoints, GPS (poor reception), and anchor. These warn you when you are close to waypoints, destinations, etc. The anchor is nice if you are using this in a marine setting. You set the alarm which will go off if you drift more than 100ft from your anchor point, for example.

You can use the MAP410 in conjuntion with your PC or laptop to send data to mapping software from various companies to help you track on a larger, colored screen. You can also download the data for archiving and future use.



Magellan puts out a software application called MapSend. In order to use it, you will need a special data cable which plugs in the back of the unit and goes to your PC using a serial cable.

The MapSend CD contains 250,000 uploadable Points of Interest (POI), which include campgrounds, golf courses, museums, nautical navaids and more. By using the software, you can select what sort of data you want to add into your MAP410.


The MapSend software loads very easily onto your PC. Simply plug your MAP410 and cable into the serial port, insert the MapSend CD and follow the instructions on your screen. There insn't much to using it, really. The software opens up to a world view screen, seen above. You can click around the world and use the magnifying glass buttons to zoom in to your area of choice.

MapSend Alabama

Once you find the area you want, right clicking on it brings up a pop-up screen where you can choose the sort of data you want. Roads and POI come with the package and you can load them at will. However, if you want Marine or Superlake information, you need to call and get unlocking codes and pay an additional fee.

Once you have selected what you want, you can also zoom in and see an overview of the area. This is not a complete road map by any means. This is about as much detail as we could get in the Birmingham area. In other words, don't count on MapSend to be your PC mapping software.

MapSend Download

Finally, download the information into your MAP410. This took us 17 minutes to download Road and POI data. Once it is finished you can turn your MAP410 back on and the data will be active. During GPS use, you can turn the data on and off at will to unclutter your screen. This data is available through displays and the menus within the MAP410 for you to use during your journey.


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