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By, Rick Jones

Put Some BEEF In Your Birfields

After packing with grease, place your Newfield inside, watching out not to damage the inner axle seal. Once placed inside, you might have to rotate the front driveshaft to align the splines.

Reassemble the disc hub assembly with freshly greased wheelbearings in reverse order of disassembly.

Install the brake caliper, hub assembly and snap ring. If the axle has gone inside too much, use a course threaded bolt and pull the axle shaft out a bit to place the snap ring on.

Reinstall the wheel, torque down the lugnuts and repeat the procedure for the other side.

Total time for the install, including looking for tools, grinding and lunch: 4 hours.

Some afterthoughts: If you decide to document an install, have a friend help you. This will allow you to stay fairly clean because you can't let the camera get greasy. Point to think about, if you verbalize this while doing the install, you will end up doing the other side by yourself, but this can be to your advantage. Get real greasy doing the other side and now you can't drive to the store for beer or reach in your pocket for money.

Well, after taking my Newfields out for a hard weekend of wheeling here in Uvalde, I pushed them farther than anyone in the group wanted to follow. I even did the dreaded "backing up a hill while turning," which has broken two Birfields in the past for me. The Newfields held up great. According to the Stuckey Bros. web site at, their Newfield head is taller, thicker and made of stronger steel.

The increase is very noticeable while installing them, due to the grinding that has to occur. Performance is not affected and everything works as well as ever. In my opinion, they have come up with a great product and a much-needed fix for the only fault in the Land Cruiser's armor that I have experienced.

The now-rebuilt FJ-40 gets back on the trails.
Letting the front end do it's work with a lot less worries about broken Birfields.



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